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Empowering Your Business

Paring our understanding of the dynamic business process with an approach to move your energy business forward. Our services lower costs, reduce risk, and optimize the value of energy planning and projects

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Trusted Energy Expertise


Solare Power is an energy consulting and project management firm that assesses your current pipeline, EPC contractors’ performances, all available finance options, and overall project coordination to help select the option with the highest 25-year, net present value (NPV) energy savings. We are independent of any financial firms or vendors, and help you carefully assess project schedules, EPC contractor performance, and value.

With over 30 years of combined experience, we have worked and managed projects, sales, proposals, design, installations, and asset management. We can provide the full spectrum of consulting for all your company’s needs.

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640 New Hope Rd E McKinney, TX 75071  |  Tel: 530-276-5946

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